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About Us

NewStyle is the only producer of gels and gel lacquers in the Baltics. Leading manicure masters and nail design professionals were involved in product development, so we do have the right to  state that we have created the products that we would like to work with. Excellent in terms of their quality and variety of color ranges, they are noticeably less expensive than their American analogues.

At our store you'll find everything for professional manicure, nail modeling, and design, from LED lamps to files.

The requirements for manicure quality keep increasing and that allows us to continually improve and update the product line, leaving a greater space for Masters to create and excluding anxiety about the quality and durability of manicure and pedicure. All fingernail and toenail materials have been created in Europe. Having developed a new product, our techs will thoroughly test it before launching it to the market, so we can definitely say: the NewStyle products are the best among those of the kind that the nail care industry in Europe can offer.

During 10 years of work, our success has been verified by thousands of reorders made by famous manicure [professionals around the world.  So, we invite you to join up!